We specialize in media planning and buying. We look at where, when and how much money brands should invest in advertising, who to target, and how to reach the target group. 

How do we do it?

Media strategy is at the heart of it. At Publicis Groupe, we are not just traffickers in media space. We are consultants who help clients to move their businesses in real life. We accompany our clients through the entire media ecosystem. From setting goals and segmenting customers to media plans and measuring results.

In our client teams, planners work together on both traditional and digital media. This lets us prepare truly comprehensive campaigns. According to communication, marketing and business objectives, not depending on which channels they run in.  

In campaigns, we combine the benefits of direct purchasing with programmatic. We always choose the optimal mix according to the specifics of the target group. We use trading and the most advanced targeting methods based on proven data. We are constantly looking for new procedures. We innovate. Before they are officially launched, we test new tools directly with our technology partners all over Europe. This always keeps our clients one step ahead.

Reach, frequency and conversion are essential. However, we don’t just track media metrics when we evaluate campaigns. We measure the long-term impact of communication on sales and brand. We are looking for connections between what people do and what they think. We use a number of analytical tools, including econometric modelling. And when it falls short for us, we develop our own. Working with data and programming languages is the daily bread of our analysts.

Key People

David Krňák

Chief Media Officer

Markéta Votápková

Executive Business Director

Tomáš Žlůva

Executive Innovations & Investments Director

Michal Šeda

Research Director

Karel Ďásek

Head of Data & Analytics

Jaroslav Sodomka

Commerce Director

Ladislav Suško

Managing Director, Performics SK

Our Brands